Whether you want a letter typed or a major document revised, I can help you.  With over 20 years experience as a legal secretary, I have created thousands of documents and know how to format your letter or document for the best possible effect. You can give it to me handwritten, typed or on a flash drive.  It can be a document you have marked up with editing and want a new revised version createLaw Library Binder Updatesd.  Just give me the hard copy or a flash drive with the document in an accessible format.  I am very familiar with Microsoft: Word, Excel and Power Point.  In fact, if you need a presentation created in Power Point format, I can help you plug in the photographs and text, the timing, special effects and many visuals for your audience.  If you have me organize your office, you will benefit by my years of experience in the business world.  You will have a systematized office, and your documents will be easy to retrieve as needed.

Paying bills and keeping track of the receipts, bank statements and posting it all for tax season can be stressful.  I take the stress out of the process by coming to your home or office to write the checks, make payments for you online or by written check, filing the receipts and/or entering your information into QuickBooks on your own computer.

As a Personal Assistant, I can make appointments for you, pick up packages, mail, dry cleaning, shop for office supplies, groceries or gifts, wrap packages, deliver items to the post office, FedEx or UPS, make deposits or withdrawals for you at your bank and generally keep your life running more smoothly.

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