Relocation Assistance

Ready to move?  Let me help you purge before you pack.  There may be items that you no longer use or that will not fit in your destination home.  Fewer items will make the move more comfortable, and the cost will be reduced.   I will help you make those decisions.  After purging they can be sold, donated or simply taken to the trash.  The best part of relocation can be the opportunity to lighten your load of possessions and create a more tranquil atmosphere at the new location.

Selling your home?  A perfectly staged home will sell faster.  Prospective buyers can become confused by clutter, so it is important to reduce the clutter and arrange each table top and piece of furniture in a pattern that will encourage lookers to move through the home and feel it has a spacious atmosphere.

Your new home:  Prior to your arrival, we can meet repairmen and cleaners to get your new home move-in ready for you.  We can be there to meet the moving van, direct the unloading of each article to the appropriate room or location within a room, and after it is all unloaded, we can put everything in its place.

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